Step 1

Customize Your Order Essay

Order placement is very intuitive and easy. Just don't forget to put in important details like the number of pages and deadlines.

  • Veteran Advice #1

Give your writer a couple of your old papers. This will help them mimic your writing style.

  • Veteran Advice #2

Set your order due before the date you're supposed to submit your paper. This will give you enough time to deal with any emergencies.

Step 2

Picking the Perfect Writer

Once you place your order, writers will start bidding for it. Make sure to look over every writer's qualifications and reviews until you find the perfect one.

  • Veteran Advice #3

Use the chat feature to have a quick interview with your writer before you pick them.

  • Veteran Advice #4

Writers with medium to high bids usually are the most qualified for the task at hand.

Step 3

Final Steps in Order an Essay

Make use of chat and review features. Talk to your writer regularly and check out the drafts they submit. They'll be paid only after every requested adjustment is made.

  • Veteran Advice #5

Don't be shy to ask your writer for as many edits as you need. It's absolutely free.

  • Veteran Advice #6

If you are happy with your order essay paper- shortlist the writer in case you need them again.

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